With decades of combined experience in the custom metal fabrication and decorative finishing trades, founders Nicholas and Jessica Mayer and their team of dedicated craftspeople offer complete solutions and expert guidance to clients facing the complex challenges of creating one-of-a-kind pieces to customize their environment. MDI has the resources and technical expertise to help clients realize their vision from concept to installation. The MDI team ensures every project they tackle will be structurally sound and seamlessly integrated into a finished space.

The same attention to detail is given to all projects, which range from interior and exterior furniture, lighting, shelving, entry doors, and gates to wall cladding, fireplace surrounds, railings, staircases, kitchen hoods, and art installations. Clients can choose from a full library of material samples showcasing uniquely handcrafted patinas and a variety of finishes. For Nicholas, Jessica, and their team of talented builders, every project is an opportunity to expand their skills and exceed their own expectations of what custom fabrication should be. They strive for excellence and take pride in every project they build, large or small.

Nicholas came to the custom fabrication trade through his father’s business, the Craftsman. The Craftsman was a furniture fabrication shop that later became US StarCraft, a foundational Seattle metal fabrication shop. Starting out as a shop apprentice at a young age, Nicholas was drawn to welding and fully committed to the career in 2003. He worked there as a custom fabricator until starting Mayer Designs Inc.

The daughter of a general contractor father and artist mother, Jessica was steeped in the artistic trades early. Learning interior painting and decorative finishing, Jessica became a third-generation interior painter. When she met Nicholas in 1999 and was introduced to the metal fabrication world, her painting skills transferred over to metal patination seamlessly.

Nicholas and Jessica launched Mayer Designs in July 2007 and the MDI story began. Their appreciation of design and passion for the trades has made this journey a pair of creative makers’ dreams come true. They embody the principle, “Find what you love to do and call it work.”

Mayer Design Founders Nicholas and Jessica Mayer
Luma Deisgn Workshop Strap dining extension with matching chairs.


The team at Mayer Designs is proud to have built lasting relationships with local artists and experts in other trades whose work exemplifies the same high level of quality. Through these valuable partnerships, MDI can integrate forged metal, fine woodwork, glass, textile, stone, and resin with their metalwork.

Nicholas and Jessica also co-founded the furniture line, LUMA Design Workshop with the team at Lucas Interior. Inspired by a shared enthusiasm for custom furniture, modern design, and custom finishes, LUMA embodies the aesthetic and craftwork rooted in the Pacific Northwest. LUMA pieces can be viewed and purchased through trade showrooms across the United States and in Toronto, Canada. Visit their website to find out more.

Mayer Designs works directly with interior designers, architects, contractors, and homeowners. The team welcomes your inquiries to check out their works in progress or discuss your next custom project.


Mayer Design: Custom Metal Fabrication
Mayer Design: Custom Metal Fabrication
Mayer Design: Custom Metal Fabrication
Mayer Design: Custom Metal Fabrication
Mayer Design: Custom Metal Fabrication
Mayer Design: Custom Metal Fabrication
Mayer Design: Custom Metal Fabrication
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