WYATT 66-1/2” W x 41” H

Photographer: Roman Rivera

Meet the Artist

The natural environment of the Pacific Northwest has played a large part in influencing Jessica’s lifestyle and art. A Washington native raised on Fox Island, Jessica has created a fine art medium she’s coined “metal cerusing.” With paint, patina, and multimedia applied to her custom textured metal canvases, she explores the natural world through metal. The metals she works with are derived from natural elements and her custom textured metal canvases are created by natural processes enhancing the decomposition of the metal material. Patterns and images emerge from the unique metal canvas and a story begins.

With an education in art and a background in decorative painting and metal patination, Jessica’s body of work is an expression of her talents and capabilities as a tradeswoman and a fine artist. Jessica’s artwork shown here are individual “canvases,” but her art can be scaled to decorative, architectural wall cladding.

Jessica’s cerused metal “canvas” artworks are heavy and mount easily on a wall cleat system designed into each frame. Each art piece is finished with a custom-built frame made of materials such as wood, solid brass, or steel.

Works shown here are for sale and Jessica welcomes custom commissions.

Meet the Artist: Jessica Mayer
Jessica Mayer, photo courtesy of Roman Rivera
Jessica Mayer: JM Fine Art logo
Appaloosa titled artwork by Jessica Mayer Fine. Art gallery piece.


Size: 33 3 /4″W x 41 3 /4″H

Bred by the Nez Pierce, the appaloosa horse has stamina and strength. The first horse Jessica purchased for herself in 1998 was an Appaloosa named Rambler. He was an amazing companion, and they would day trip into the foothills of Mount Baker. This piece is a reflection on the magic of being surrounded by nature and the peace found deep in the wilderness with a dear friend. On display at Trammell-Gagné in Seattle, WA.
Aurora titled artwork by Jessica Mayer Fine. Art gallery piece.


Size: 33-3/4” W x 41-3/4” H

The aurora borealis lights from Iceland are a beautiful sight and this piece captures a unique perspective of them. Lost in the 2021 fire and under restoration.
Wyatt titled artwork by Jessica Mayer Fine. Art gallery piece.


Size: 66-1/2” W x 41” H

A bouquet, a field of flowers, dandelion seeds, and insects floating in the wind. Remembering old friends. This piece is dedicated to lost friends and loved ones. The ones you think about when you’re quiet and your mind begins to wander. On display at Trammell-Gagné in Seattle, WA.
Voltage titled artwork by Jessica Mayer Fine. Art gallery piece.


Size: 30” W x 28” H x 3” D

This piece is simply playful and fun. A 3D-textured box-like canvas stretched over a frame, it was an opportunity to play around with the textured steel material in a new way. Lost in the 2021 fire and under restoration.
Vuitton titled artwork by Jessica Mayer Fine. Art gallery piece.


Size: 36-1/2” W x 49-5/8” H

Wild at heart, Vuitton is a very unique piece of steel with a beautiful texture that holds multiple colors. Getting close and looking at all the details, the texture is mesmerizing. It’s dedicated to a one-of-a-kind warmblood dressage horse with a colorful, dynamic personality who taught Jessica to take a chance and trust life, trust her intuition. On display at Trammell-Gagné in Seattle, WA.


Size: 30″ W x 40″ H

This canvas was salvaged from the fire that destroyed Jessica and Nicholas’s business in early 2021. The intention was to make a loss turn into something better, something beautiful. It is a reflection on how transitory life can be.

Night Sky

Size: 30″ W x 40″ H

The pandemic brought about so much change, for better or worse. But one of the changes has been the migration of people leaving urban environments. Jessica had wanted to return to her roots for years and leave the city for a country life under the stars, in the shadow of Mount Rainier, where the moon filters through the trees. This “canvas” was also salvaged from the 2021 fire and turned into a reality when Nicholas and Jessica moved an hour outside of Seattle in late 2021. Out of darkness comes light. One display at Carter Inc. in Denver, CO.
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